Services we offer

One off project support

We all know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut, doing things the same way for years usually because time pressures on staff don’t allow for innovative thinking and time to implement changes whilst carrying out their day to day tasks and sometimes it just takes someone with experience and fresh eyes to review processes.

I have experience of implementing change and undertaking large projects and can offer you that experience. From ensuring your income recognition, acknowledgements and processing procedures and efficient to ensuring your governance controls are strong and that donors and trustees can have confidence in the expenditure which is being incurred is charitable, in line with the organisations objectives, accurately accounted for and that, in the case of charities, public benefit can be demonstrated.

I have experience of implementing bespoke software, carrying out large projects, streamlining processes of a large charity and producing meaningful procedure notes and handbooks for staff to ensure that all users are informed of their responsibilities and how tasks should be carried out in the future.

Ongoing Support

In these times of financial instability and hardship the call on charity resources is ever increasing and often demand outweighs the resources available. Financial costs are inevitable as without a clear understanding of an organisations financial position and a budgeted plan for trustees and staff to work to then the likelihood of maintaining a successful organisation is minimal.

A lot of organisations have had to cut permanent posts due to lack of funding but the role is still required, with specific charity background my experience, skills and knowledge can help you without having to commit to long term employers costs.

Book-keeping Services

Whether you are a self employed individual, a charity, church or a SME then annual accounts are required for submission to your relevant body. I can offer you a monthly service to ensure your records are in order ready for the annual report / assessment.

Accounts Preparation

I can offer assistance to your in-house bookkeeper in collating your financial information ready for reporting and submission.

Independent Examination

With the accounting qualifications I hold, should your charity / church / organisation fall beneath the audit thresholds. For charities: gross income of less than £1 million and gross assets of £3.26 million, Companies: turnover of less than £10.2 m, total assets less than £5.1m & less than 50 employees.

I am a member of the Association of Charity Independent Examiners.